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Rules & Regulations

The Following Information Will Allow Us To Better Service Your Needs: 

Trash must be curbside by 6am on collection day.

All Garbage should be bagged. 

Containers or bags should not exceed 40 pounds. No 55-gallon drums allowed.  Only 5 bags allowed for Garbage.

No stones, rocks, concrete, steel, iron or dirt.

Label and safely wrap any large amounts of broken glass.

Place diapers and animal waste in tightly sealed plastic bags.

Large items such as bedding, rugs, appliances, etc. must be scheduled for special pick-up by contacting Kevin Clark @ 302-218-2175. Special pick-ups have a separate charge. 

We cannot transport Hazardous Waste, including but not limited to oil, antifreeze, gas, kerosene and propane. For a complete list hazardous materials, call our office or the DSWA at 800-404-7080. 

Returned checks carry a $20.00 fee.

If your house is being remodeled, make sure your contractor specifies waste removal. It is their responsibility, not yours or ours, to dispose of the resulting waste. 

Yard Waste Collection

Tree trimming bundles should not exceed 4 feet in length and branches should not exceed 4 inches in diameter. All trimmings must be bundled with string. 

Don't put trash of any kind in the same container as yard waste..

Don't put dirt out for disposal with yard waste. When you edge your yard, the waste byproduct is sod. This is not considered yard waste.

Don't place paper yard waste bags in cans. Moisture collects at the bottom of these containers, thereby destroying the bottom of the paper bags.

Don't use cans exceeding a 30-gallon capacity. Larger cans can prove to be too heavy to lift manually.  Only 10 bags allowed for Yard Waste.